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Anticancer Fund

Anticancer Fund, crucial to cancer patients

A niche within cancer research: cancer medication and therapy studies, with little commercial value for the pharmaceutical sector and yet crucial to patients.

This is the typical core business of the Anticancer Fund for cancer treatment research. With over 15 open research projects – incl. drug re-purposing with aspirin and radiotherapy – the team is making a real difference. Thanks to private donations the fund can finance promising clinical trials and help around 300 cancer patients with information about their illness and treatment via the My Cancer Navigator service. Tyneso supports this organisation and has been their IT-backbone for over 10 years.


Coincidence, serendipity. That’s how it all started. At the time, the Anticancer Fund was based in the same location as Tyneso. We soon built a mutually friendly rapport. When companies grow, IT needs to evolve along with it and it’s easier working with an IT company you’ve already seen in action. When the time was right, the Anticancer Fund approached Tyneso. The collaboration continued even after both companies moved.


In an organisation made up of scientists, having an IT specialist on payroll was never the plan. An external partner was the best solution. A partner who could modernise the complete IT infrastructure and conduct the migration to the Cloud.

“It’s quite extensive. From small questions like ‘help, the printer’s not working’ and ‘uh-oh phishing mails’ to larger issues and changing operating procedures. Like the migration to Cloud, Teams and SharePoint. The timing was perfect, with the pandemic round the corner. Everything was set up and ready to go.

Research Manager Klara Rombauts


The Anticancer Fund sought Tyneso out as a trusted partner in going digital all the way. Tyneso implemented:

• Teams (incl. telephony)
• SharePoint
• Azure Cloud
• Secure network & future-proof IT infrastructure
• Help desk

But there’s more. “We want as much money as possible to go towards research and not to superfluous operational things and Tyneso is privy to this”, Klara says. “The IT experts pro-actively plan together with us and advise us on what matches our needs on a day-to-day basis. Such as implementing the 2-step verification principle or the advice to use a new, cheaper internet provider. They take initiative, make the proposals and we choose what we’d like. We don’t have to worry about it afterwards either. They take care of everything. If there’s a problem, we log a ticket and are called with a solution shortly after.”

Modernise your IT infrastructure


Anticancer Fund: “Tyneso has been supporting us in IT management since the very beginning, with best in class solutions, adapted to our needs. As our organisation grows, we’ve built a sustainable and trusting partnership, which gives us peace of mind. We are an organisation focusing on cancer research, not on IT, and Tyneso offers us the knowledge and insights we don’t have, to get ahead of digital evolutions.

Tyneso helps us pro-actively to make our IT infrastructure future-proof. They migrated the on premise servers to SaaS solutions in the Microsoft cloud, creating a serverless full cloud solution. Exactly what we need. The Tyneso consultants guided us and gave instruction on working with the Cloud, Teams and SharePoint. We can now work from anywhere.

Colleagues abroad also have access to the proper documents. Accessibility, comfort and hassle free – more of that in the future please so that we focus on leveraging cancer research and helping more people.”


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