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Scalable it solutions as a catalyst for manufacturing companies

Supply chain and product innovation issues, along with high energy costs, are currently the main challenges for the manufacturing industry. In a sector where machines never stand still and where innovation is constant, digitisation can offer a way out.

A smoothly running production is at the heart of your company’s growth process. With our scalable IT solutions, we can help you at your pace.


You want to make an impact with your products, innovate and continue to grow at the same time. And admit it, IT concerns are the last thing you want to have to deal with. Our tailored IT solutions ensure that everyone in your company can focus on what matters most: delivering high-quality products in a cost-effective way.

Operational efficiency, a secure and stable IT environment that can run 24/7, guaranteed backups, immediately accessible IT support … all of that is indispensable for a production company. Our customer-centric approach ensures that your company’s IT structure not only meets today’s needs, but is also scalable for tomorrow’s challenges. Did you also know that we are fully ISO 27001 and NIS2 certified?


Aminolabs, a renowned player in sports nutrition production, experiences the benefits of its collaboration with Tyneso to this day. The implemented IT solutions minimise IT complexity, improve production efficiency and ensure a reliable and secure digital environment.

“The collaboration with Tyneso taught us a lot about our systems. We gained a better understanding of the risks of our processes and underlying systems, and discovered quite a lot of growth opportunities this way.” – Tine Knaepen, IT Manager at Aminolabs

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“To keep growing in terms of products and people in today’s digital world, the IT environment must also meet high quality standards. But what do you do when IT staff are hard to find in the job market? We chose to outsource IT to Tyneso.” – Maarten Schuermans, Technical Director at Ijsfabriek Strombeek Strombeek.

How we work together with Ijsfabriek Strombeek:

  • We modernise the entire IT infrastructure.
  • We create a modern workplace ranging from an optimally secured network of servers to the roll-out of new PCs and laptops.

The result: everyone can concentrate on the company’s core business, resulting in increased productivity and nice growth.

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With Tyneso as a Managed Service Provider, you can rely on expert control of your manufacturing company’s technological processes. We manage your entire IT environments and proactively work towards an efficient and secure IT structure. Your advantages:

  • Continuous real-time insight
  • Up 24/7 – work anytime, anywhere thanks to our cloud-based approach
  • Optimally secured IT environment and production processes

Discover a partner that boosts your company’s production power with bespoke IT solutions and a specialised team that is always there for you.

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Cloud and network

Secure data sharing is essential if you want people to work together smoothly in your company. You want everyone to have effortless access to the right tools and documents to ensure the quality of your production. Ranging from accesses and smooth communication between different departments, to a back-up network so you never have to worry about unpleasant surprises. The benefits of working with the cloud are obvious: cost-saving, flexible, secure and scalable!

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Cyber security

Malware, a cyberattack or poor intellectual property protection is a nightmare for any manufacturing company. Tyneso guarantees optimal protection of your systems, anytime, anywhere. Not sure about the security of your environment? With our free mini security audit, we examine how much risk you are running and advise you on possible solutions with no obligation.

Mini Security Audit

“As a manager in the manufacturing sector, you are constantly faced with the task of not only maximising production, but also building a robust IT landscape that supports your company’s growth and innovation. At Tyneso, we love being part of your growth story. Contact me for a no-obligation exploratory talk.”

Steven Tytgat


As an IT provider, we understand the needs of our customers within the manufacturing sector like no other. We know your challenges and speak your language. The IT landscape is dynamic and constantly changing, but as a company you want to focus on growth and stability. Tyneso is the ideal partner to take away your IT headaches.

Looking for a reliable IT partner?

IT should never be an obstacle. On the contrary, it is the ideal catalyst for growth if you connect all IT building blocks in the best possible way. Let us support your business in your growth story. We will be pleased to help you!