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Tyneso helps midsize companies, roughly between 50 and 500 employees. By outsourcing your IT, you can focus on growing your business. We make sure your IT solutions do not just keep up with your pace, but become drivers of your growth.


IT as a service is our strength. Tailor-made, scalable and flexible. You will have more time for your core business and further (digital) growth. We do it all, from strategic advice and IT architecture to maintenance and 24/7 support. As a Managed Service Provider, we focus on:

Moreover, all our services are ISO-2700-1 and NIS2 certified!


Local infrastructure demands high investments in hardware, software and maintenance and locks you in for long periods of time. Combined with the rapid pace of SaaS developments, it is clear why so many organisations are switching to cloud infrastructure to hone their competitive edge.

Microsoft Azure means greater flexibility in response to new innovations, improved budget control and enhanced collaboration and productivity.

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A successful cybersecurity approach is not a single event, the one-time installation or implementation of a solution to protect your business against all possible attacks. On the contrary, it requires a well structured strategy and constant adaptation.

That’s why we never take off our security hats, whether we are working on the roll-out of your Office 365 environment, improving your IT infrastructure or resolving your support tickets. Security is a fundamental building block that we incorporate into all our services.

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Monitoring incidents, handling user requests, solving support tickets… yep, that’s part of our job too! And how about IT management? A technical lead keeps the architectural overview. We work with proven solutions, deployed at scale. Skilled engineers will take your business to a higher level. Ready?


Tired of wasting time on IT issues? Want your employees to work more productively, become more cost-efficient and improve business continuity? Is your IT manager wasting valuable time solving IT issues instead of concentrating on critical business tasks? Our skilled service desk is the answer!

  • IT & people as a service
  • Fixed team that knows your business
  • Also on premise if required
  • Continuity in case of absences
  • Knowledge sharing with your internal employees
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A modern workplace is a flexible, secure workplace where it’s possible to work from anywhere at any time. At Tyneso, we make it our mission to offer IT solutions that make it easier for you to communicate and collaborate. Our solutions make sure your flexible (remote) working arrangements boost efficiency and productivity.

  • Knowledge sharing with your internal employees
  • Most productive and secure computing experience for users
  • Reduce complexity for IT teams
  • Lower total cost of ownership for your organisation
  • Fast, secure access to information without a VPN
  • Collaborating and sharing both  internally and externally
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Your network connectivity is the backbone of your IT. It’s the foundation on which your IT infrastructure is built and the glue that holds your IT solutions together.

Tyneso assures you of fast, direct and reliable internet access.

    • Flexibility
    • Enhanced productivity
    • Improved Cloud experience
    • Future-proof
    • Secure
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As a CEO, CIO or IT manager, are you constantly putting out fires? IT problems need to be addressed, the sooner the better. As a result, plans for further digitisation can end up at the bottom of the list. Time to build the foundation for your digital transformation.

Innovate. Stay ahead of competition. With Tyneso, your Managed Service Provider.

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