Strong network connectivity is the backbone of your IT. It’s the foundation on which your IT infrastructure is built and the glue that holds your IT solutions together.


As the demand for connectivity increases, robust WiFi is one of today’s most important IT developments, as it helps your business to connect and enjoy the benefits of modern media and mobile working. A fast, high-performance wireless infrastructure is essential to your business, improving productivity, efficiency and business resilience.


  • Flexibility: One of the main advantages of WiFi is the workplace flexibility it offers.
  • Convenience: Wireless networks allow multiple users to connect over the same network. Connections can be made in fractions of a second without need for configuration.
  • Enhanced productivity: Employees connected to a Wireless LAN can keep working more easily, since they aren’t wasting time on server or LAN connectivity issues.
  • Mobility: Take your work with you anywhere, from your desk to a café. You are no longer limited to working at your computer and can take care of tasks on the go.
  • Easy infrastructure: A Single WiFi Access Point means you can avoid laying cables and switches in the workplace.
  • Cost-effective: The most obvious benefit of Wireless LAN is the lower cost for a new network setup. Reduce wiring and labour costs and save time.


We have extensive experience in setting up strong, highly secure LAN and WiFi networks (LAN/WLAN). We will help you through all the important decisions: how many access points, what type of access points are needed in which locations, how to set up your Software Defined Network and who will manage it, etc.

Whatever you decide, Tyneso makes sure your organisation has access to stable wired and wireless internet connections at all times, on all devices and in all locations.

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Tyneso assures you of fast, direct and reliable internet access.


Tyneso uses Ubiquiti UniFi systems to build a centrally managed LAN & WiFi network across multiple access points, using the software-based UniFi management controller. With a virtual network, administrators can control, change and manage network behaviour dynamically via open interfaces. The result is a scalable solution with reliable routing and advanced security for your networks.

Thanks to Ubiquiti’s products and Tyneso’s expertise, you are assured of the best possible solution for your network connectivity at revolutionary prices.


Fibre Internet for business is a high-speed Ethernet connection that uses a fibre-optic network and advanced technology to deliver superior, business-class internet service.

The performance offered by a fibre-optic internet connection offers many benefits to businesses where fibre services are available.


  • Speed: Fibre-optic internet is many times faster than even the highest-speed copper internet connections.
  • Improved Cloud experience: Fibre internet’s speed and bandwidth capabilities mean faster access to your data and applications stored in the cloud.
  • Security: Fibre-optic cable is as good as hack-proof. The only way to get through to fibre-optic internet is to physically cut the fibres, causing the signal to disappear.
  • Distance: With traditional broadband internet using DSL or Ethernet over Copper, the signal decreases as the user moves farther away from the switch. Fibre-optic’s signal strength does not decrease as quickly over distance.
  • Future-proof: Fibre-optic internet is easily scalable compared to other types of internet connections. Typically, internet service providers can upgrade the speed of a fibre network with a single call, making it easy to adapt to a company’s needs as it grows.
  • “Symmetric speed” is a term used to refer to equal upload and download times on an internet connection. With fibre internet, your employees can benefit from equal upload and download times.


Fibre-optic connectivity can be a great advantage to companies of all sizes, particularly organisations that use the cloud for apps or data storage. Fibre-optic internet is many times faster.

The speed and reliability of your internet connection affect many business aspects: the productivity of your employees, access to data and applications in the cloud and users’ experience of online applications.

Tyneso and its partners can provide on-site data connectivity and capacity services through a fibre-optic network at highly competitive prices.

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