Cookie Policy

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1. Who we are

1.1 “We”, “us” or “our” means TYNESO NV, with its registered office at Rekelstraat 37 1980 Eppegem and with company number BE 0873.235.273.
1.2 Our website makes use of “cookies”. This Cookie Policy sets out to inform you about the different types of cookies, which cookies we use and which cookies our service providers use and how you can manage and block cookies.
1.3 If you have any questions, concerns or complaints regarding this Cookie Policy or our use of cookies, you can contact us:
(a) Via-mail:,
(b) By post: to Tyneso NV, Rekelstraat 37, 1980 Eppegem.
1.4 This Cookie Policy was revised last on 11/09/2019.


2. What are cookies?

2.1  Cookies are small pieces of data that a website asks your browser to store on your computer, laptop or mobile device when you visit the website or certain pages. The cookie allows the website to “remember” your actions or preferences over time and to apply them during subsequent visits.
2.2  Cookies usually contain the name of the website where the cookie has come from, how long the cookie will remain on your device, and a value which is usually a randomly generated unique number.
2.3  Cookies can be divided into several categories:
(a) Permanent cookies vs. session cookies: permanent cookies will remain stored on your computer or mobile device and will help us identify you as visitor of our website. Session cookies will be deleted at the end of every session.
(b)  First party cookies vs. third party cookies: first party cookies are created by our own website. Third party cookies are created and stored by our (social media) partners.
(c) On the basis of necessity and functionality:
(i) Necessary cookies: These are required for the operation of our website. They include for example cookies that enable you to log in.
(ii)  Analytical/performance cookies: These cookies allow us to analyse our web traffic, to see the number of users of our website and how the users navigate through our website.
(iii)  Functional cookies: These cookies ‘remember’ the choices you made on our website (e.g. language preference.) making the website more user-friendly and enhancing your user experience.
(iv) Targeting cookies: These show us the pages you have visited and the links you have followed, and can be used to, e.g. make advertisements more relevant to your interests.
2.4  Cookies will not always contain personal data, but may contain information that may lead to your identification, in which case such cookie shall be treated as personal data. In such case, our Privacy Policy will apply to the extent that a cookie can be considered personal data.


3. Cookies used by us

3.1            We use our own cookies to distinguish and identify unique users and to limit the request speed. These cookies can be found on every page and are used to analyze visitor and session information.


4. Cookies used by our partners

4.1            Our website makes use of social media plugins. These social media partners use third party cookies. The following social media partners are used: LinkedIn and Twitter. We refer to article 5.4 of the Privacy Policy for how we use these social media plugins. SharpSpring is used as a marketing automation tool and Leadfeeder is used as website visiters tool.For your information, we will also provide you the links to the relevant cookie policies:
(a)         LinkedIn:;
(b)         Twitter:;
(c)         Sharpspring: ;
(d)         Leedfeader:
(e)         Google ads:
We also make use of Google Analytics. Google Analytics gathers information about your use of our website by means of cookies. The gathered information is used to create reports.

5. Managing and blocking cookies

5.1            You can at all times manage or delete cookies using the settings on your internet browser, allowing you to refuse some or all cookies. Turning off cookies will limit the service that we are able to provide and may affect your user-experience. Deleting cookies may result in manually adjusting preferences every time you visit our website.
5.2            For more details about controlling and/or deleting cookies, visit the page corresponding to your browser for more information:
(a) (Chrome);
(b) (Safari);
(c) (Internet Explorer);
(d) (Firefox);
(e) (Opera);
(f) (Edge);
(g)         or visit,


6. Manage and block cookies

6.1            You can block cookies or manage the use of cookies at any time by using the settings in your browsers. Blocking cookies can lead to your user experience being affected because you will have to state your preferences every time.
For more information regarding the management or blocking of cookies, we refer to the pages made available by the various web browsers:
(a) Chrome;

(b) Safari;

(c) Internet Explorer;

(d) Firefox;

(e) Opera;

(f) Edge;

(g) or visit, AboutCookies.


7. Amendments to the Cookie Policy

7.1            We reserve the right to make amendments to this Cookie Policy. The most recent version of the Cookie Policy can be consulted on our website.