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Digitalisation in the transport sector

The search for drivers and other skilled workers, rising salary costs, the transition to sustainable energy, a 24/7 service… as a transport company, you face some tough challenges. And at the same time, you still want to grow your business. The good news is: digitalisation can help, and what’s more, Tyneso can offer you an accessible solution for your digital transformation.

IT as your catalyst for growth

You need modern, flexible IT solutions that will allow you to respond and digitise quickly, without excessive investments. Welcome to IT as a service, the growth catalyst for transport & logistics. Tyneso specialises in this and is also ISO 27001 certified to NIS2 standards. For your IT environment, cloud and security services, we offer you:
Time savings – Reliability – Safety

Tyneso IT is making a difference for TLV

At TLV, they feel the benefits of Tyneso’s approach every day. The IT worries are off the table and the team has space to focus on core tasks to the max. This allows TLV to keep customer satisfaction high. “We are not a number. We can rely on a single point of contact who knows damn well what we want. In case of issues, we are just an email or phone call and a wait of max 5 minutes away from the answer,” says Lode Verkinderen director at TLV.

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Continuity and peace of mind at My-Trucks

Whilst IT remains vital for every small to midsize business, it’s not always a top priority. As a transport company, you have so many other things to think about, not least the financing of second-hand lorries, trucks, delivery vans and cars – a job My-Trucks employees have been doing diligently for many years. That’s why it’s so handy to depend on the services of an IT partner, who will ensure the continuity of your company processes, cybersecurity and so much more.

Bram De Wilde, COO of My-Trucks: “In the past, we were always looking for the right person to solve certain problems for us, but today the answer is simple: just call Tyneso. Are we happy with the service Tyneso offers? Absolutely, that’s why we have extended our cooperation with them.”

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The modern workplace is digital

Perfect for boosting your productivity

Tyneso is a Managed Services Provider (MSP). We provide IT services to transport companies through ongoing support and active management. We manage entire IT environments and proactively work towards an efficient and secure IT structure.

  • Continuous real-time insight
  • 24/7 up – work anytime, anywhere (cloud)
  • Optimal security
Modern workplace for guaranteed productivity


Have you considered moving away from the concept of managing your own server park to a cloud model and software-as-a-service (SAAS)? Scalability is the key advantage. With the ability to access the right application at the right time, together with tools that grow alongside your business, it will make your transport company more efficient, and reduce your costs.

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How secure is your IT infrastructure? It’s not something you want to worry about. Tyneso can provide optimal systems security 24/7. Starting with a carefully conceived cybersecurity strategy, we’ll apply a security-based approach in everything we do for your company.  Maybe now’s the time for that security audit? 

Security audit

Tyneso is well acquainted with your sector. We know the challenges you face, and can offer realistic digital solutions. Why not experience the impact of our approach on your productivity levels for yourself? What’s more, it will also save you valuable time to spend on speeding up your green transition. Curious to know more about how easily we can improve your company’s performance? We’re always happy to talk, and to address any doubts you may have.”

Steven Tytgat

Satisfied customers

As an IT provider we understand better than anyone that our transport customers need a dynamic IT environment. We know the challenges they face, and we speak their language. Our clients are keen to focus their attention on stability and growth. Tyneso will help them in doing this.

Looking for the IT solution that’s right for you?

We’ll make sure that your various IT systems remain interconnected, so that IT acts as an accelerator for growth, rather than an obstacle. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re always happy to help!