Cybersecurity in manufacturing: it’s now or never

The good news is: Large companies and banks are getting better at securing their IT systems. To this end, they engage specialised partners, such as Tyneso. The bad news? As a result, cybercriminals are diverting to smaller companies, many with less watertight security or outdated systems and equipment. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important for medium-sized and smaller players to get serious about cybersecurity as well.

The importance of a specialised IT partner

At Tyneso, we are not only experts in operational efficiency, but also at creating a secure and stable IT environment. As an NIS2- and ISO-certified partner, we at Tyneso are well placed to address and maintain your information security. We are among the first in Belgium to achieve this certification: proof of our 100% commitment to protecting your (company) data.

Manufacturing companies are often medium-sized, do not have a dedicated security officer with often traditional onsite IT systems and installations. All this plays right into the hands of today’s cybercriminal. High time for us to sound the alarm and for you to scrutinise your company’s situation.

Never think ‘it won’t happen to me’

Just recently, several stories about cyberattacks and stolen data appeared in the media. The number of attacks is on the rise: in 2023, the Dutch Digital Trust Center sent out 35,000 alerts; in the past six months, it has already reached 156,000. Yes, that’s right. Although general awareness is growing, hackers are finding increasingly ingenious ways to fool companies. In this case, more than ever, prevention is better than having to pay (due to ransomware or recovery costs).

Tyneso has set up successful security systems for several clients. Where VPN tunnels and firewalls used to suffice, this is no longer the case in a world where we are permanently connected to the cloud. Security transcends the boundaries of your physical working environment. And that entails specific needs. Take Aminolabs, for example, an international sports nutrition manufacturer. Rapid growth and a number of acquisitions made it clear that they needed a more professional IT environment, but also that their cybersecurity systems needed to shift up a gear. “Working with Tyneso gave us a better understanding of the risks of our processes and underlying systems. This allowed us to continue to grow in a secure manner,” said IT Manager Tine Knaepen.

On the road to cybersecurity with Tyneso

Problems are there to be solved. At Tyneso, we have a 15-step security plan, which leaves nothing to chance. We start with a mini security audit to correctly assess the current situation. Cybersecurity will never be fully under control with a one-off action. You need a thoughtful strategy and continuous optimisation.

Within this roadmap, we share insights across five crucial pillars:

  • Identity Management
  • Security for Endpoints
  • Perimeter security
  • Cloud security (including IaaS, SaaS, PaaS)
  • (Cyber)security advice

In today’s digital world, where cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, it is important that medium and small (manufacturing) companies are also aware of the complexity of the challenges in cyberland. At Tyneso, we are ready to guide you through the maze to an appropriate security solution. With our expertise and the latest technologies, we create a secure environment for your business data, where hackers don’t get a chance. This allows you to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. Better safe than sorry!


Ready for the transformation to digital security? Tyneso knows how!

Take your security to a higher level!

We understand that cyber security is not solved in 1-2-3; it takes strategy and continuous adaptation. With our years of experience, we have created a free 15-step plan to improve your security. Will you check them all off?

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