Fidea keeps up with latest technologies thanks to Tyneso


Fidea, leading the insurance market

More than 100 years of experience in insurance for private individuals and entrepreneurs, around 400 employees and a turnover of €303 million …

These impressive figures describe Fidea, a nation-wide insurance company. They are the result of an equally impressive growth story, based on a broad range of insurance products and sophisticated concepts, and the achievement of a head office in Antwerp, regional office in Braîne-l’Alleud and a close network of brokers.

The reasons Tyneso and Fidea make for such a good match

After a demerger from KBC in 2013, Fidea became a fully independent player on the Belgian market. As the KBC infrastructure was also no longer available, Fidea was looking for the perfect IT match. We wanted a partner who spoke the same language in terms of efficiency and value for money. That’s where Tyneso came in.

The challenges

Until 2012, Fidea was part of KBC, but the financial crisis changed everything. The European Union required KBC to let go of Fidea in compensation for government support. Fidea was picked up by private equity fund JC Flowers. Previously, Fidea could make use of KBC’s IT infrastructure, but that was no longer possible for obvious reasons. Time for their own, updated IT environment and a collaboration with a new partner. An RFP led Fidea to Tyneso. Not the largest IT company around, but a capable party with ample expertise and a proven track record.

Fidea’s wishes were clear: to start from zero and rapidly build a new IT infrastructure. Tyneso accepted the challenge with enthusiasm, ensuring the start of a great collaboration.

Flexibility, expertise and a progressive approach. Feeling that you are heard, thinking things through together and a good price/quality ratio without pushing specific software packages. This unique mix is what made Tyneso so appealing to us

IT Infrastructure and Hosting manager Yves Vandermeulen


Implementation of a new IT infrastructure requires precisely the type of services offered by professionals like Tyneso. It must happen step by step, with a clear plan of approach and control over each phase. The first, crucial task was to transfer all the data such as mailboxes and files. This was completed in one weekend. However… Fidea did not have a data centre of its own.

As transferring data is impossible without a data centre, Tyneso suggested hosting a server environment via a partner. Clear thinking solved the issue. After that, Tyneso installed Outlook, a WLAN connection and a private cloud. And to make sure the implementation and transition went smoothly, for the first year there was always a Tyneso employee present on site. That’s characteristic of Tyneso, where modern technology and service go hand in hand.

“Thanks to its new IT environment, Fidea is now seen as a forward-looking partner in the insurance market, fully up to date and with the latest technology”, says Yves Vandermeulen, IT Infrastructure and Hosting Manager .

Update your IT infrastructure


Flexibility, expertise and a progressive approach. Feeling that you are being heard, thinking things through together and a good price/quality ratio without pushing specific software packages. This unique mix is what made Tyneso so appealing to Fidea.” It proved a fruitful collaboration.

After the success of that first project in 2013, Fidea and Tyneso collaborated even more closely. In 2017-2018, Fidea moved to a new office in Antwerp and Tyneso provided the entire building with the latest IT infrastructure. Flexible working arrangements, or a “new way of working”, were a must, leading to further intensification of the use of laptops. That way Fidea employees could work securely from anywhere while also maintaining uninterrupted access to all the documents they needed, tools, insurance software, office environment, etc.

But that’s not all. Fidea was extremely satisfied with their partnership with Tyneso and chose to renew their collaboration just before Fidea’s recent takeover by Baloise.


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