At Tyneso we don’t think in terms of problems

Tyneso helps midsize companies, roughly between 50 and 500 employees. By outsourcing your IT, you can focus on growing your business. We make sure your IT solutions do not just keep up with your pace, but become drivers of your growth.

Our way of thinking creates better solutions

At Tyneso we don’t think in terms of problems. So called problems are seen as opportunities to improve, to do better than before.

We can provide your company with the right tailor-made IT solutions.

Skilled Service Desk

Tired of wasting time on your IT problems? Want your employees to work more productively and more cost-efficiently and increase the continuity of your business? Is your IT manager wasting important time solving IT problems when he/she should be concentrating on critical business tasks? Then our skilled service desk is the answer!

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Modern Workplace for guaranteed productivity

A modern workplace is a flexible and secure workplace where it’s possible to work from any place at any time. From a satellite office, from home, from the coffee bar just around the corner, from the gas station in between two meetings.

At Tyneso, we make it our mission to offer IT solutions that make it easier to communicate and work together. Our solutions make sure the new way of (remote) working boosts efficiency and productivity.

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Azure to boost your business

A local infrastructure demands high investment in hardware, software and maintenance, and locks you in for a long period in time. Combine this with the rapid pace of evolution in SaaS and you have the reason why many organisations are switching to cloud infrastructure, which gives your business a competitive edge.

Microsoft Azure means more flexibility in acting on new innovations, more budget control, enhanced collaboration and productivity.

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Network Connectivity

Your network connectivity is the backbone you need. It’s the foundation your IT infrastructure is built on, and at the same time, it’s the glue that keeps your IT solutions together.

Tyneso enables fast, direct and reliable access to the internet.

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How can we help you?
Contact our experts and let’s talk.

At Tyneso we always love a good challenge. You think you have a difficult IT challenge that requires a tailormade solution? Contact us! Our team of experts can’t wait to take on the challenge.

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