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We are constantly on the lookout for motivated IT talent.
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Tyneso is a flat organization. By designing engaging, connected workplaces for a lot of clients we obviously learned how to make our own organization equally efficient and productive. Not by loading tight job descriptions and assignments upon our people, but by encouraging them to take on responsibilities from early on.

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Our flat organizational structure creates a dynamic environment and no-nonsense communication. Open, transparent, exactly the way we communicate with our clients. We are constantly on the lookout for motivated IT talent.

Tyneso offers a lot of training opportunities. We believe in on-the-job training, in learning by doing and in teaching by example. We heavily invest in constantly training and developing new IT-skills.

Technology evolves at a dazzling speed, we owe it to our clients to always stay one step ahead. Our people are certified experts who are constantly being challenged to improve themselves.

Working at tyneso

Tyneso spares no efforts to create a fun working environment. Our offices offer a nice, calming atmosphere. We also value a healthy work-life balance, we obviously offer our employees the necessary tools for remote working as well.

As all work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy (*copyright ‘The Shining’), Tyneso regularly organizes teambuilding activities and afterworks.

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We are always happy to welcome talented new people to Tyneso family. If you can’t find an open position that you’d like to apply for, submit an open application!