Fiberklaar chooses cloud first with MSP partner Tyneso


Fiberklaar is ready for growth with Tyneso by their side

Thanks to Tyneso, Fiberklaar is unburdened of IT, cloud, infrastructure and support worries. Together with Tyneso, Fiberklaar is ready for growth.

Fiberklaar, responsible for the construction and management of a fibre network, is poised for growth with its goal of providing 1.5 million homes with the fibre network by 2028. And Tyneso is helping to make it happen.

As a young IT setup they resolutely opted for a cloud first strategy. Sounds like a perfect Tyneso match! But that’s not all, there was also an ideal fit with our way of doing things and the speed to get things done. Curious? Watch the full video!

“Just like a true SaaS model, Tyneso offers us a very transparent pricing model depending on the growth of the organisation and the services we use from Tyneso.”

IT Manager Koen Lissens
Koen Lissen Fiberklaar


Thanks to the collaboration with Tyneso, Fiberklaar is ready for the future.


• Cloud first strategy
• Managed Services partner
• Support helpdesk for daily IT problems
• Focus on business growth


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