We create engaging workplaces

We provide the glue for your organization, ensuring all your IT building blocks are connected to each other. IT should never be an obstacle, we make sure it’s an accelerator for growth.

Our approach

At Tyneso, we believe that we can only provide your company with the right IT solutions when we really understand where you are heading at. IT is not the goal itself, IT is a means to an end.

Tyneso is your reliable partner, every step of the way. We guide you through your digital transformation. An acquisition or a new company? International expansion? Brand new offices? We provide a seamless integration of all your IT systems and networks. We help you increase your productivity. We facilitate connected, engaging workplaces. We make it easier for your co-workers to collaborate, wherever they are.

Getting to know our clients and their business is vital to provide tailor made solutions


What you see, is what you get. We build open, transparent partnerships with our clients.

We don’t sell you complex and expensive IT solutions you don’t need. No technology just for the sake of technology. We look into the needs of your company and we create a workplace fit to solve them. We look for the best possible solutions on the market and – together with our ecosystem partners – we provide you with custom solutions.


Our skilled engineers are tech savvy, they are experts when it comes to the latest IT developments. But they are pragmatic in the first place. They understand your ever evolving IT needs, and they proactively provide you with the solutions to tackle those needs. Our service desk guarantees you support from certified and trained IT experts.

Personal approach

Tyneso combines technical expertise with a strong human touch. We aim for long term relationships with our clients, based on openness and transparency. Our technical leads are the bridge between Tyneso and your company. They have a holistic view on your situation, they think along with you, and get the right expert on board to provide you with the desired solution.

End-to-end ownership

The personal approach allows Tyneso to fully adapt our managed services to your business needs. We take care of your entire IT environment. Together, we take a deep dive into your company’s needs. We create engaging workplaces where security, efficiency and productive go hand in hand. But our job is not over yet when your connected workplace is in full effect. We are a reliable IT partner every step of the way. Behind the screens, we go the extra mile to avoid IT problems or fix them before you have even noticed them.


Together with our trusted partners we can provide you with the best IT solutions.
As Microsoft 365 & Azure specialists, we’ve got you covered.


The next step for Aminolabs

Aminolabs is a growing success story. They were looking for an IT partner that proactively supported and helped them throughout rapid growth and acquisitions.

Tyneso proved to be the perfect match!

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