We are your IT outsourcing partner for building secure and engaging workplaces. Helping your company to increase its productivity is our goal. With our personal, no-nonsense approach and our heart for security we want to be the IT advisor your company needs and deserves. Ready to get unburdened of all your IT obstacles?

Traditional security solutions offer safety because they shield the information systems from the outside world, through VPN-tunnels and firewalls. Unfortunately, in this new world, where we operate almost 24/7 in the cloud, this is no longer enough. Also outside the perimeter of your office, your data must be protected.


We want to unburden our customers of all security obstacles by building secure and engaging workplaces. We do this by offering three types of services:

Skilled services desk

Technical lead with an architectural overview

Network operations and security operations center

We provide each and every client with a personal process and a personal workflow, tailored to your specific IT environment. Your project is always managed by an expert who knows your enterprise and its needs inside out. We know that IT issues and problems don’t respect office hours. As prevention is better than cure, we offer 24/7 support for business-critical processes. Our team is highly qualified and certified for all your requests and architectural challenges. This way we guarantee to relieve you of your burdens so you can focus on your business.

We take ownership: we’ll help you transform where needed and will manage your platform end-to-end.

We make sure all your employees can safely access every device. Anyplace & Anytime.

CEO Tyneso Steven Tytgat

NO Nonsense

What you see, is what you get. Building open and transparent partnerships with our clients is always our goal.

At Tyneso, we put security at the heart of everything. With our personal and no-nonsense approach we guide you in every step toward better security. We look into the needs of your company and create a workplace fit to solve them. We look for the best possible solutions on the market and – together with our ecosystem partners- we provide you with custom solutions.

Free Mini Security Audit

Are you up for the challenge and want to see how you score against the first step of our 15-steps plan? Then quickly request your Free Mini Security Audit now. We will share our honest feedback, no strings attached!

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