90,000 reasons why choosing Microsoft Azure is just common business sense

Okay, let’s be honest now

Why choose cloud computing?

In a constantly changing society and business environment, it‘s essential to focus on what you do best: providing the best possible services and creating products of the highest quality. All other aspects of your business should support your core activities, and definitely not be obstacles to the achievemment of your goals.

If you keep your ICT infrastructure on-premise, it is more likely to become such an obstacle. It’s hard to scale up or down, difficult to secure, and a pain to support and maintain. By moving your ICT infrastructure to the cloud, you can benefit from all the usual advantages: excellent security, worry-free support and maintenance and endless scalability in either direction. The cloud is also a better fit for today’s mobility and edge computing needs.

Why is Azure the best cloud solution?

Of course, your cloud partner must provide you with all these benefits. Very often, this means they are relying on one of the major cloud providers: Amazon, Google, or Microsoft Azure. Which one? This may seem less relevant, as they are all more or less equal, right? Well, no, actually. If you already use Office 365, a move to a Microsoft Azure environment will be far easier than to any other platform. No need to worry about integration and interfaces, you can simply stick to the tools you know and love. Opting for Microsoft Azure ensures a smooth transition to a reliable computing environment.

The bottom line, your ultimate argument

The most common argument against cloud computing is that it ends up being a lot more expensive than on-premise. More specifically, top cloud vendors are said to cost considerably more when viewed over a longer period.

How to silence such rumours? By countering with facts. We made detailed calculations of the costs to host an infrastructure on-premise – with 2 clusters of 3 nodes and 72 cores in 2 datacentres – and compared this to the costs of an identical set-up on Azure.

The results were astounding. If we assume a five-year depreciation period, opting for Azure saves almost EUR 750 per month. When considered over a three-year depreciation period (more reasonable, considering server innovation cycles nowadays), you would actually save more than EUR 2500 per month. That amounts to a difference of EUR 90,000 over three years! If you needed a compelling argument, there you go!

(Don’t believe us? We did the math, read our full case.)

By replacing a standard on-premise server configuration with a three-year depreciation cycle with an identical setup in Microsoft Azure, your organisation can save as much as EUR 90,000.


Read the full budget case study! 

Tyneso: the partner who makes a difference

If Azure is so much more cost-effective, why are so many organisations convinced it will be more expensive than on-premise? Perhaps they haven’t found the right cloud partner. At Tyneso, we know mid-sized enterprises don’t have the same IT budget as multinationals. We can make the Azure shoe fit your business. We will put together the perfect Azure package, tailored to your organisation. With the right server, the right long-term commitment and the right license, you can reduce your Azure bill by 60%. We will adapt your Azure till it fits. Perfectly. In this way, Azure becomes affordable for every mid-sized enterprise.

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