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Hi there, Office 365 user, you have been working in the 365 cloud for quite a while. But why are your aging servers still on premise? Time to move to the cloud? What if moving day is just around the corner, but you’re still not sure which boxes to choose? What truck to hire, let alone, which building to rent next? Not literally of course, because once in the cloud you will no longer need boxes, a truck or a building to store your data.

You know the cloud is the right choice for your enterprise. You probably already know Azure is the right choice for your enterprise. But that’s about it. You don’t know where to start or how to efficiently move? Let Tyneso help you! We know exactly what your enterprise needs.

Why Azure?

Using Microsoft 365 to make everything run smoothly in your business? Well, then your cloud story is an absolute no brainer. Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure are best buddies. They integrate effortlessly and communicate perfectly with one another.

Choosing Azure, is choosing one out of the top 3 platforms worldwide. Going for Azure, is going for speed, safety, innovation and functionality.

On top of all that, Azure is what we know, it’s what we do, it’s what we breathe. Azure has no secrets for us and we are constantly keeping up with new innovations and updates. As a Microsoft gold certificate partner, we assure you of a secure and efficient future.

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What about your server?

Storing your data on premise or in a private cloud is challenging and complex. There is a whole chain of costs that are difficult to map and report. Think about power, air conditioning and cooling, generator costs (if you have one), access control,.. There is the additional technological stack to manage from virtualisation to SAN, NAS, backup, BCP/DRP, etc. So many elements… Why make it difficult, when it can all be easier? Cheaper? More efficient? More flexible?

We move step by step, at your pace. We take your datacentre to Azure, safe and structured. In a pragmatic way, we walk the road to your dream destination. Or in other words: hybrid is the journey, but not the goal. We’ll make sure all your data ends up, safe and sound, in your Azure cloud while safeguarding the user experience at all times.

And what about your budget?

We know mid-sized enterprises don’t have the same IT budget as multinationals. Still, the Azure shoe will fit your business. We assemble the perfect Azure package, tailored to your organisation. The right server, the right long term commitment, the right license can downsize your Azure invoice by 60%. We size your Azure till it fits. Perfectly. This way Azure is affordable for every mid-sized enterprise.

Don’t believe us, we did the math and are happy to share this with you! On our customer case we compare two identical environments, one on premise and one in the cloud? Curious about the (price) results?

Discover the Azure price difference!

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Ready, set, go!

Ready to go cloud, but don’t know how? Tyneso will guide you!
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