Your identity is the Firewall of your Cloud applications

The way we work and live, looks completely different today. Employees have become mobile and are looking for an “Appified” work experience. They expect to be able to work safely on any device, anytime, anywhere. Quite a challenge for the IT team. The traditional perimeter security does not appear to be a match for the new challenges. An expensive Firewall in a shielded server room alone will no longer be enough to protect your data.

Where is your data? 

In a modern company, data is spread over servers of the various SaaS vendors. Think Office365 for office solutions, Exact Online or MS Dynamics for accounting, Salesforce for CRM and Lastpass for passwords.

This brings a lot of new challenges:

  • How can you secure this data with the various suppliers?
  • How do you make sure passwords don’t leak?
  • Are you sure ex-employees don’t have access to anything?

How can you protect your corporate identity? 

The solution lies with a well-secured cloud identity solution such as Azure AD, Okta, …
The IT team must ensure that this cloud identity is maximally secured, for example by multifactor authentication. With each new or unexpected login, the user is asked for a variable code to supplement his password. This can be a text message, a code or an access question generated by the app.

A second part is linking this identity solution to a, by Artificial Intelligence driven, analysis and alerting solution. In this way, attacks on identity are noticed and fended off. Think of a smartphone that receives emails via the Belgian Proximus network, while the user purportedly logs in from North Korea via vpn. These impossibilities can then be detected and blocked.



The third part is the consistent extension of the identity to all applications, Single Sign-On (SSO). This will create a link between that identity solution and applications such as Lastpass, Salesforce, Navision, … Users are now protected with multi factor authentication and do not have to create a separate (and often weak) password. In case of suspicion of a breach of identity or e.g. end of contract of an employee, access to all company data can be stopped with a simple click.

It is necessary to protect your corporate identity, and traditional perimeter security is no longer adequate. With a highly secure cloud identity solution such as Azure AD, you get all the solutions in house. Think multifactor authentication, Artificial Intelligence driven analysis and alerting solution for detecting suspicious logins and extending the identity to all applications.

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