Security and the MS(S)P

If you’ve read all the tips and tools in our previous blog posts, you’ll probably think, “How am I ever supposed to do this?” It’s a fact: an IT environment is complex. And security and cloud challenges don’t make it any easier. But let’s quickly reassure you, because fortunately there is such a thing as the Managed Services (and Security) Provider (MS(S)P), a team of experts who take your IT concerns away and allow you to focus more on other important matters concerning your business.

Just like building a house, a security strategy is not as simple as buying all the blocks and just throwing them together. Security is embedded in all the IT choices we make. And when something goes wrong there, the consequences can be disastrous (think of data loss, image damage, financial damage, etc.). It is therefore normal that more companies outsource IT management to an MS(S)P.

Reaching the Security Maturity Level

An MS(S)P has the necessary solutions and expertise to run the entire platform. By using their proven solutions, you can quickly reach the necessary security maturity level and maintain that level over time. The MS(S)P will continuously improve your environment by challenging the software solutions and training the internal staff. In this way, you will be able to let your staff contribute to the company’s needs and growth.

A secure business, anytime, anywhere

In our opinion, the most profit can be made if you can outsource the day-to-day work of IT to one and the same partner. Your IT partner can monitor and improve your company’s procedures and embed the best security practices in all daily tasks. Whether it’s taking on board new staff or putting people out of service, and ensuring that all access is terminated at every level, your MS(S)P will take care of it. Setting up new servers OS hardening or SaaS application Identity and Access Management (IAM) is also something your IT partner will be happy to take over from you.

Your IT environment in good shape

The MS(S)P, Managed Services and Security Provider is crucial for small to large companies. For smaller companies, they are a perfect alternative to an internal IT manager. Larger companies – with their own IT department – can use a MS(S)P to outsource IT management so that their internal IT staff can learn and perform more strategic tasks. By calling on a MS(S)P, you as a company can be sure that your IT environment is constantly in good shape.

Due to the additional complexity of today’s hybrid landscapes and IT security challenges, it is time to call in the experts. Your business is simply too valuable for trial and error. Let us also remember that cybercrime is the number one crime in the world, with predicted damage of USD 6 trillion by the end of 2021… And they have their arrows pointed at you, the medium-sized companies.

Let our engineers take care of your IT environment, so you can focus 100% on your business. Do you have questions or just want to have a chat? We will be pleased to talk to you! Send an email to and we will contact you as soon as possible.