Does your business benefit from an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

What is an MSP exactly?

Managed Service Providers, also known as MSPs, deliver continuous support and active hands-on management services to companies. Here at Tyneso we provide IT support services to our clients, which means managing all aspects of their IT environment, and working proactively in order to create for them an efficient, secure and modern IT structure.

The benefits of outsourcing your IT

You can compare it to company accounting: this is a key element in every company, and yet many companies outsource their accounting to an external bookkeeper. Outsourcing allows you to focus on your core business, on what differentiates you from your competition, i.e. your company’s strengths. Your aim, after all, is to be the best in your business sector, without having to invest valuable time or money in running internal support services. But choosing the right IT partner to help you grow your business is vital.

Employing IT professionals and doing IT ‘in-house’ – the risks

Maybe your motto is: if you want a job well done, you should do it yourself? Just employ some IT professionals, and then do everything in house? That’s one option, of course. But be aware that IT is already recognised as a bottleneck profession, and there are not enough IT professionals in the employment market to meet requirements. Both graduate level IT professionals working in cybersecurity and cloud specialists in particular are very much in demand, and have the luxury of choosing where they work. They often prefer a role offering them the chance to work with different technologies and thus further develop their range of skills and expertise.

A company whose core business is not IT can find it difficult to formulate an attractive job offer. But hey, you never know – maybe you have succeeded in convincing a skilled IT professional to join you? Congratulations! This, however, is just the beginning – the hard part is making sure that they stay with you. In the case of school leavers, you’ll need to provide with them with the right on-the-job training and support, which your company probably does not have the time to invest in. Perhaps opt for someone with experience instead? OK, but in which area? Someone who’ll look after cybersecurity as well as fixing blocked printers? And who also has the skills needed to build an IT platform in which the various tools all work seamlessly and report in clear dashboards, whilst at the same time keeping everything affordable? It’s quite simply Mission Impossible.

“An efficient and secure IT environment is not just about tools and technology.  First and foremost, you need to combine the various IT building blocks in an intelligent way. We provide the glue that connects them, so that they communicate with each other.” – Steven Tytgat, Tyneso CEO and Founder.

The advantages of working with an MSP

As well as being a tech company, an MSP is also a human organisation with a deep knowledge base. A collaboration with a diverse group of people, with complementary skills may be just what your company needs: helpful first-line technicians who can provide you with the right IT materials and accesses, specialised security engineers trained in the very latest security technologies, and project managers who will stay focused on the strict deadlines dictated by your various projects and report in accordance with clear SLAs (Service Level Agreements) or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Working with an MSP means not only working with a team of specialists who remain focused on your company on a daily basis, but also automatically shielding your company from the effects of brain drain and the departure of important IT personnel. Maybe you already have strong IT professionals in house? No problem: opt for a combination, where your in-house IT team can maximise its skills, with your MSP providing additional support where it is needed.

A strong MSP with operational maturity will also be able to provide its own internally developed standard products and toolkit, a combination of hard- and software that is balanced in price, since the MSP world is naturally also highly competitive. Over many years, these solutions have all been tested extensively in a broad range of environments and situations. This means there’s a thorough understanding of all the technologies involved. The biggest cost for any MSP is always personnel, which means they are committed to automation wherever possible. And you’ll share the benefits.

Is an MSP what you need?

Do you find yourself repeatedly putting off plans for a digital future to focus on other more urgent issues? Do the day-to-day IT issues within your company take up too much time? If so, then perhaps it’s time to look for an MSP that suits your needs. As your IT partner, they will shoulder your IT burden and provide tailor-made support on your road to growth. The Tyneso team are here, ready to help you.

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