Have you got your backup covered?

Ransomware attacks, where your data is threatened to be exposed or access to your data is blocked until you pay a ransom, is a particularly problematic instance of cyber crime. It is not a virus: it doesn’t replicate, infect, or alter the way a system works. Ransomware encrypts the victim’s files. Recovering the files without the decryption key is a difficult problem to overcome.

How do you protect yourself from loss of data and the hazards of ransomware? Backups of your data is crucial and a task that requires effort and expertise.

The cloud: not always full proof

Are you aware that neither Microsoft nor Google make backups of Office 365 or Gmail suites?  Quite unthinkable in the cloud era, where email and file servers are becoming obsolete! More and more companies rely on the cloud. Several studies indicate that over 40% of the companies do not backup their Office 365. Although Microsoft recommends this in their services agreement, in section 6.B.

The same goes for any cloud service where you can run servers, such as Azure. The servers aren’t physically present in your basement, but they need the same care as the old on-premises ones when it comes to security.



How to ensure your backups and prevent data loss

Our experts have the knowledge and understanding needed to protect your company’s data. Through multiple daily backups of any kind of cloud service, we assure you that your data won’t be lost. Whether it’s Office 365 or your entire accountancy in Microsoft Business Dynamics.

To ensure that your files are always recoverable, daily checks and regularly restoring backups needs to be a fixed task in your agenda. It is a repetitive task that is easily forgotten as business comes first and there will always be more pressing matters to attend to. But just like checking the brakes on an airplane: it’s not optional, but mandatory! Your Tyneso team will perform daily follow-ups and restore the quality of any backup when needed. On top, we will provide all necessary reporting to your sector-specific auditors which is obligated for highly regulated sectors, like the finance industry.

With our single pane of glass tool, we can monitor on-premise, virtualized, or non virtualized servers together with servers running in the public cloud. All these keeping costs predictable and under control. We understand local storage and the cloud and when to use the right backup tier: hot, cool, cold storage.

At Tyneso, we can help you with restoring individual files or even entire server farms. From on-premise to the cloud and the other way around. When things go horribly wrong, our disaster recovery solutions can get you up and running with a minimum of downtime. Because not only your data, but also time is valuable for your organization.

Do you have any questions or would you like to exchange more information about external secure information? We will gladly help you! Send an email to and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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