Central Patch Management and software deployment

In our previous blogs, we’ve given tips on how you can enhance your security by some minor adjustments. Didn’t read our previous blogs? You can find them here.

In this blog, we discuss the next step in getting your IT under control. That next step is implementing a solution that centralizes all of your assets in one single tool.

Tyneso’s choice: Remote Monitoring and Management tool

At Tyneso, we use a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool. This tool is a basic necessity for every IT department or solutions provider. We have chosen to use a RMM tool because of these advantages:


A RMM tool gives us an overview of which applications are running in your company, which version and on which device. In short, we will get an overview of all hardware and software running in your network. With this information we can precisely pinpoint and prevent potential risk endpoints.



Automatic enforced patching

The RMM tool allows us to automatically enforce patching of not only the operating system, but also a large amount of 3rd party applications. For example flaws in Java, Adobe, Chrome….  This allows us to reduce risks almost instantly after the patch becomes available. Our systems are run from the cloud, so we can patch any PC at any time and place without the requirement for the users to be either in the office or connected to VPN.


Another advantage of using a RMM tool is the reporting from all these activities. This saves not only time, but can be used to support your compliance regarding GDPR, ISO,…

Faster application development

Last but not least, we end with a practical feature which is a great addition to the security function of the RMM tool. Because we work with a cloud based patching platform, we can deploy new applications to any computer in any location. This lowers the costs and speeds up the deployment of new solutions.

A Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool is our go-to choice when it comes to security. We are convinced that this is a basic necessity for every IT department or solutions provider. Not only will it provide an overview of all hardware and software running in your network, but also reduce the risks that come with controlling your IT.

Do you have any questions or would you like to exchange more information about central patch management and software deployment? We will gladly help you! Send an email to and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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