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My-Trucks is ready for growth with Tyneso by their side

IT is important for any SME, but not necessarily top priority. As a company in the transport industry, you do have something else to do. Such as specialising in financing used tractors, rigids and trailers –  the dedicated job of My-Trucks. Having the ability to rely on an IT partner who safeguards the uninterrupted flow of business processes is highly advantageous and convenient.

My-Trucks is the reference for flexible financing of used trucks, vans and – through its subsidiary Yescars – also passenger cars. They are currently expanding rapidly in the European market. A proactive attitude and the continuous pursuit of innovation to constantly improve their response to customers’ expectations are at the heart of their success. With the growth of My-Trucks, its IT requirements also expand accordingly.


Experts needed

Consider cybersecurity, an ever-evolving phenomenon that continues to grow. As a company, it is essential to engage with cybersecurity, even if you lack in-house expertise. To address this, My-Trucks relies on the expertise of Tyneso, ensuring comfort and peace of mind for the entire team.

Everyone at My-Trucks notices Tyneso’s proximity. A big impact is also felt in the onboarding process. There’s nothing more challenging than starting at a new employer and discovering that there is no ready-to-use PC or that systems haven’t been set up for you. The team at My-Trucks can confidently delegate such preparations to Tyneso, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience. Watch the video below.

“Before, it was always a matter of finding who was responsible for solving certain issues, today the answer is simple: just contact Tyneso. We are satisfied – no doubt. So we extend our cooperation.”

COO Bram De Wilde
CEO My-Trucks, Bram De Wilde


Thanks to the collaboration with Tyneso, My-Trucks is ready for the future.


• Cloud first strategy
• Managed Services partner
• Support helpdesk for daily IT problems
• Focus on business growth


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