Modern Workplace for guaranteed productivity

A modern workplace is a flexible and secure workplace where it’s possible to work from any place at any time. From a satellite office, from home, from the coffee bar just around the corner, from the gas station in between two meetings.

At Tyneso, we make it our mission to offer IT solutions that make it easier to communicate and work together. Our solutions make sure the new way of (remote) working boosts efficiency and productivity.


Today, more than ever, organisations need to boost productivity and efficiency while meeting the growing expectations of their employees around remote work. This poses challenges for IT departments who need a simple – yet efficient – way to scale their IT infrastructure. They also need to ensure that this mobile workplace is secure and efficient for everyone in the long term. This is where modern desktop can help.

The Modern Desktop, based on Microsoft 365 and with Windows 10, offers users the possibility to work from anywhere with simplicity and flexibility, and allows IT-professionals to ensure security and compliance.

What does it mean exactly?

  • Access information fast and secure without a VPN
  • Collaborate and share with internal and external people
  • Be reachable with Teams whether it be by classic landline or video
  • Always have a safe and encrypted workplace, in line with GDPR
  • Automatically store all information securely in the cloud
  • Install and update all necessary software automatically

Benefits of a modern workplace?

  • The most productive and secure computing experience for users
  • It reduces complexity for IT teams
  • It lowers the total cost of ownership for your organisation
  • The ability to demonstrate compliance will enable your company to avoid costly claims

Why is this a priority?

The world is changing, and we see a shift from traditional offices to open physical environments, collaborative workspaces and remote offices. While employees might not be in the same space anymore, teamwork has become more important and also organizations are becoming more networked. At the same time, IT professionals are faced with the challenge of protecting their people and IP in a more complex threat environment


Since more employees are working from home, remote working technologies have become an important topic. The right technology ensures a smooth transition from working on-site to working from home.

Thanks to Windows Virtual Desktop, you can provide your employees a desktop infrastructure experience, no matter where they’re working from!

What does it
mean exactly?

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) offers a unique desktop and app virtualisation service running in the cloud. It allows you to offer a Windows desktop experience on any device.
It’s the only Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that delivers simplified management, multi-sessions Windows 10, optimizations for Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise and support for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments.

What are
the benefits?

  • A Virtual Desktop infrastructure can be accessed remotely, from any device at any time. This allows employees to work without interruption and maintain their productivity.
  • A Virtual Desktop is an effective security measure. Lost or stolen laptops no longer provide security risks as the data is not stored on a local machine or stored on endpoints, but in a central system. On top of that, data is protected with backups and data encryption.
  • A Virtual Desktop solution lowers costs dramatically as hardware and infrastructure requirements are greatly reduced.
    A Virtual Desktops provides a solution for classic client-server applications that are not ready to work over the internet.
  • A Virtual Desktop leverages the resilience of the MS Azure cloud. No need to invest in your own High Availability or Disaster Recovery Solutions on-premise.

Why is this a priority?

There is nothing on a physical desktop that a Virtual Desktop doesn’t offer, but there is one major difference: security is guaranteed as virtual workspaces are designed to deliver regular security updates with no downtime for the user. The system is maintained by multiple layers of protection: the latest software, patches and service packs.

How can Tyneso help ?

Windows 10 and the entire Office 365 suite are fundamental building blocks in our offering. We design, implement and configure these solution suites.
We also take care of the day to day management afterward.

How can Tyneso help ?

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In need of a trusted partner for VoIP and Unified Communications (UC) technology? Have a look at 3CX! They offer a simple, flexible and affordable solution that dramatically cuts telephony costs and management headaches. With this, you are guaranteed to increase productivity, reduce business travel and telco costs, streamline operations and improve customer service.

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