your IT outsourcing partner for engaging workplaces

Our end-to end-solutions and services are tailored to your enterprise and fit into complex IT environments. We create connected, engaging workplaces. Safe and productive environments where people can work on every device possible. Anywhere, everywhere.

When your organisation reaches a tipping point, Tyneso helps you to gear up.

The idea behind our partnership approach/managed IT services is pretty simple: your next big opportunity should keep you awake at night, not your IT platform supporting it. We guide/assist you in creating a digital landing platform tailored to your business needs and business plans.


What you see, is what you get. We build open and transparent partnerships with our clients. 

We don’t sell you complex and expensive IT solutions you don’t need. No technology just for the sake of technology.


Our service desk guarantees you support from certified and trained IT experts.

They understand your ever evolving IT needs, and they proactively provide you with the solutions to tackle those needs.

Personal approach

Tyneso combines technical expertise with a strong human touch. We aim for long term relationships with our clients, based on openness and transparency.

End-to-end ownership

The personal approach allows Tyneso to fully adapt our managed services to your business needs. We take care of your entire IT environment. We provide the glue for your organization, ensuring all your IT building blocks are connected to each other.

Our solutions

We provide your company with the right tailor-made IT solutions.

Modern workplace for guaranteed productivity

We are your IT outsourcing partner for secure and engaging workplaces. We are strong in building secure and engaging workplaces and help companies increase their productivity.

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  • Fiberklaar

    Fiberklaar chooses cloud first with MSP partner Tyneso

    Thanks to Tyneso, Fiberklaar is unburdened of IT, cloud, infrastructure and support worries. Together with Tyneso, Fiberklaar is ready for a future of growth.

  • Company

    Vadigran’s 3rd generation chooses IT professionalisation with Tyneso

    Creating a more sustainable pet lifestyle.

  • Company
    Anticancer Fund

    Tyneso for the Anticancer Fund: hassle free IT

    A niche within cancer research: cancer medication and therapy studies, with little commercial value for the pharmaceutical sector and yet crucial to patients.

  • Company
    Ijsfabriek Strombeek

    Tyneso takes over the IT cares from IJsfabriek Strombeek

    Extremely diverse and international, that about sums up what IJsfabriek Strombeek stands for.

  • Company

    The next step for Aminolabs

    Aminolabs is a growing success story. They were looking for an IT partner that proactively supported and helped them throughout rapid growth and acquisitions.

    Tyneso proved to be the perfect match!

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