Tyneso on a journey for growth

For many companies increasing complexity, the growing importance of data security and compliance and constant technological developments mean IT is becoming an obstacle to the achievement of their ambitions. As an external IT specialist Tyneso ensures that IT processes accelerate the growth of companies instead of stifling it.

Tyneso raised € 220.500

Together with WinWinner, Tyneso raised € 220.500 to invest in their growth campaign, allowing the IT company to expand its business both internally and externally.

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Full-service, B2B IT specialist Tyneso supports growing SMEs by taking responsibility for their full IT management. The company creates a modern and safe digital working environment that boosts employee productivity. With clients such as Baloise, Aminolabs and IJsfabriek Strombeek, the company can look back on a highly impressive track record over the past 15 years.

Growth journey

As the next stage in its continued growth, the company wishes to widely market its already proven strategy by actively homing in on the booming business of IT security. Both internal and external company growth are prerequisites for this aim. Collaborating with WinWinner allows Tyneso to do so.

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Invest in growth and your organisation

After 15 years the company not only has an experienced and expert team, it also boasts a loyal and impressive client portfolio. The company is seeking finance to stay ahead of the competition and extend its reach and target group.

Such accelerated growth requires investment. The company’s total financing requirement is €1,000,000. To secure this need, Tyneso is counting on financial support from VLAIO, bank credit and crowdfunding through WinWinner.

With this WinWinner campaign business manager Steven Tytgat wishes to bring in a minimum of €150,000 and a maximum of €300,000. In real terms he wishes to invest in:

  • the internal growth of Tyneso: active operation in marketing and sales:
    • the extension of the team with an internal sales and pre-sales engineer through external partner Sellsior two full-time profiles will be employed to work on lead generation
    • through partner MarketingFizz an intensive campaign will be conducted through channels such as LinkedIn, Google Ads, Reddit, etc.
  • the external growth of Tyneso: the take-over of an IT party in Belgium or the Netherlands, with 10 to 25 employees and aimed at medium-sized enterprises. Tyneso will then create an advantage of scale that translates into better cost apportionment across the customers. Furthermore, the take-over reinforces confidence among potential clients.

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