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For many companies the increasing complexity of IT and data security is becoming an obstacle. As an external IT specialist Tyneso ensures that IT processes accelerate the growth of companies instead of stifling it.


Your outsource IT partner

As a full-service, B2B IT specialist we support growing SMEs by taking responsibility for their full IT management. With clients such as Baloise, Aminolabs and IJsfabriek Strombeek, we can proudly look back on a highly impressive track record over the past 15 years.

As a next step in our continued growth, we wish to widely market our strategy by actively zooming in on the booming business of IT security. In order to do so, we need to grow internally and externally. And that requires investments.

Are you looking for an investment that is actually paying off? We’re more than happy to tell you how you can become a Tyneso investor!

Why are we looking for investors?

At Tyneso, our mission is to work towards a better technological future. That’s why we are aiming to add medium-sized companies to our target group. That type of companies not only attach importance to expertise, price and track record, but also to size, solvency and scope. To meet all these criteria, we need to grow internally and externally. And you, as a potential investor can play an important part in our growth journey.


Our journey so far!


We wish to invest in:

1. The internal growth of Tyneso: active operation in marketing and sales:

  • The extension of the team with an internal sales and pre-sales engineer through external partner Sellsior, two full-time profiles will be employed to work on lead generation.
  • Through partner Marketing FiZZ intensive campaigns will be conducted through channels such as LinkedIn, Google Ads, Reddit, etc.

2. The external growth of Tyneso: the takeover of an IT party in Belgium or the Netherlands, with 10 to 25 employees and aimed at medium-sized enterprises. Tyneso will then create an advantage of scale that translates into better cost apportionment across the customers. Furthermore, the takeover reinforces confidence among potential clients.


Looking for an interesting investment that actually pays off? Well, let’s talk about the different possibilities, together!

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