Cloud infrastructure: Private or Public Cloud

Our cloud solutions, whether public or private cloud, guarantee strong and secure connections. New devices can easily be integrated, in a cost-efficient manner. Your IT- network can grow in no time while maintaining the same level of performance and quality.

Why work in
the cloud

A local infrastructure demands high investment in hardware, software and maintenance,and locks you in for a long period in time. Combine this with the rapid pace of evolution inSaaS and you have the reason why many organisations are switching to cloud infrastructure,
which gives your business a competitive edge.

Cloud infrastructure means more flexibility inacting on new innovations, more budget control, enhanced collaboration and productivity.


With a public cloud, you connect to the centralised environment of a cloud hosting provider. This environment is highly scalable: you can increase or decrease capacity at any time.

You can, therefore, make efficient use of a platform that allows you to grow or shrink when you want to, and pay for the public cloud’s resources by subscription or a pay-per-usage model.

What a public Cloud
will offer your business

Public cloud is so much more than just renting storage or server space externally. It enables your company to grow with a scalable cloud environment that has the powerful functionalities you need to accomplish your business goals.

With a public cloud, the necessary hardware is shared by multiple companies, saving on infrastructure costs.

Benefits of public cloud
infrastructure for your business

  • Flexible IT infrastructure
  • Scalability
  • Only pay for what you need
  • Management by experts
  • Security of data and systems
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Very high uptime
  • On-demand resources are available to meet your business needs


For companies that want to take advantage of the benefits of Hyper-Converged Environments but prefer to invest in their own environment with a fixed budget, a private cloud is the answer. Unlike public clouds that deliver services to multiple organisations, a private cloud is dedicated to the needs and goals of a single organisation. A completely separate cloud architecture is designed.

What a private
cloud will offer your business

A private cloud offers companies or organisations the flexibility to adapt their IT infrastructure to their own needs, while they are fully in control of it. The services and infrastructure are always maintained on a private network, and the hardware and software are dedicated solely to their organisation.

At Tyneso, we provide your own private cloud infrastructure that is tailored to your business needs.

Benefits of private cloud infrastructure for your business

  • Flexible: Your organisation can customise its own cloud environment to meet specific business needs.
  • A different approach to security: Resources are not shared with others. Investments made in on-premise security such as firewall can be leveraged
  • Scalability: Private clouds can expand by adding resources on the fly without downtime.
  • Cost effective: Investment model with fixed depreciations. A cost-effective model for companies with a fixed workload in time.

Private Cloud

At Tyneso, we offer Nutanix as a solution for building your private cloud. Combining the simplicity and agility of a public cloud with the performance and security of a private cloud, Nutanix Private Cloud is the best cloud solution to accelerate your infrastructure.

Sounds Interesting?

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Sounds Interesting?

Discover our partners

Because we believe that working together makes you stronger and we always want to give our customers the best possible solution, we’ve decided to partner up with these great companies.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the leading public cloud platform with more than 200 integrated cloud services offering companies the possibility to securely build, deploy and manage applications through a global network of data centres.

Whether you want to build apps and websites, or store, back up and analyse data, Azure offers an efficient and cost-effective solution.



Sentia makes your DevOps processes less complex by having all application requirements run in one clearly defined place and provide your company with the opportunity to innovate quickly and flexibly.

With their private datacenter, developers can work in an environment that helps them to work more efficiently, improve application life cycles, while at the same time optimise costs.



Nutanix’ solutions are built on Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) technology. This is a complete stack that integrates compute, virtualisation, storage, networking and security to power any application, at any scale.

They unify private, public, and distributed clouds, and empower IT to deliver applications and data that power their businesses.



Modern enterprises need the flexibility to leverage multiple clouds and move applications and workloads around freely, whether for data re-use, back-ups or for disaster recovery.

This is where Hycu enters the scene. With their platform, they open up the ability to go beyond recovery to deliver data re-use and intelligent data management options.

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