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Performance in transport & logistics

The search for drivers and other talents, rising wage costs, energy transition, 24/7 servicing… transport companies have tough challenges to tackle. And on top, you also want to grow your business. The good news: boosting your performance helps, and Tyneso specialises in it.

IT as a growth catalyst

What you need: modern and flexible IT solutions that make you respond and digitise quickly, without too big investments. Welcome IT as a service, the growth catalyst for transport & logistics. Service and expertise brought to you by Tyneso. As a holistic IT partner, we are the reference for IT services, cloud and security for transport & logistics companies.

IT by Tyneso makes a difference for TLV

At TLV, they experienced hands-on that with the right sector knowledge, the right IT applications and dedicated services, Tyneso can effectively generate a modern workplace and business boost. “What we really liked? We are not a number. We have a single point of contact that we can rely on and who knows damn well what we want. If there are any issues, we are only 1 email or phone call and a wait of maximum 5 minutes away from the answer,” TLV said.

Modern workplace

For guaranteed productivity

Your goals as a transport company, our mission. As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), we provide IT services to transport companies through continuous support and active management. We organize entire IT environments and proactively work towards an efficient and secure IT structure.

Our promise:

  • Continuous real-time insight
  • Optimisation of margins
  • Up 24/7 – work anytime, anywhere (cloud)
  • Optimal security
Our approach


Transitioning from an in-house server farm to the cloud and software as a service (SAAS) is making a clear choice for scalability. The right application at the right time, tools that grow with your business: it will make your transport company more efficient and your cost structure lighter.

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At Tyneso, we put security at the heart of everything. With our personal and no-nonsense approach we guide you in every step toward better security. We look into the needs of your logistics company and create a workplace fit to solve them. Book a free mini security audit now.

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We feel at home in your sector and like to brainstorm with you. We really see the impact of our approach and solutions on productivity levels among our customer base. It also frees up more time to accelerate the green transition. Wondering how we can improve your performance? Always ready to discuss your needs.”

Steven Tytgat

IT-as-a-Service als groeikatalysator
voor transport en logistiek

Transport en logistiek, een sector in continue verandering en evolutie. Klanten willen vandaag de dag 24/7 op de hoogte zijn van hun leveringen en dus wordt digitaliseren alsmaar belangrijker. Een waslijst aan digitale uitdagingen dwingen de sector om te innoveren. De vraag naar moderne en flexibele IT oplossingen is groot. De nood om snel te kunnen schakelen, zonder al te grote investeringen, was nog nooit zo hoog. Deze ervaring heeft Tyneso. Als holistische IT partner streven ze naar volledige ontzorging en zo beantwoorden ze de noden van de sector.

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Looking for the right IT solution?

We provide the glue for your organization, ensuring all your IT building blocks are connected to each other. IT should never be an obstacle, we make sure it’s an accelerator for growth. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to help you!