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Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards. That’s why most businesses are constantly thinking about the next step. They are looking for new partners, acquiring other businesses or getting support through external growth capital. During this process, it is vital to take the IT environment and all affected processes into consideration.

Tyneso helps businesses before, throughout and after their transition.

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A new momentum within IT

There are various scenarios in which your company’s IT environment faces pressure. A smart IT strategy, with a detailed roadmap and consequent execution allows you to take the next step and maximise the potential of the new dynamics.

Here are some examples:

– Investments and capital injections
– A next generation
– Private equity
– Takeovers or mergers
– Growth spurts

IT is – or should be – the catalyst for business growth.

IT strategies for growth scenarios

We know the challenges that companies in transition encounter. This is why we created a proven roadmap that we align with your company’s needs:

  1. Mapping the application landscape
  2. Outlining the systems
  3. Designing the new environment
  4. Preparing an action plan
  5. Migrating your applications towards the cloud

After all, the world is changing much faster today. By consuming Saas-solutions, your IT team will spend less time maintaining applications and infrastructure.

The result: more time to add true value.

Software as a service (Saas)

The transition that corporate IT must go through is the transition from an in-house server installation to Software as a Service.

Flexible up- & downscaling
Switching applications more easily
Using the right application at the right time

IT as a service (ITaaS)

We deliver everything from strategic advice and IT architecture to maintenance and 24/7 support.

Managed service provider (MSP)
Azure Cloud 
Skilled Service Desk
Modern Workplace
Network Connectivity

Wondering how we manage this? Just get in touch with us.

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A sustainable IT partner for growing enterprises

Tyneso is the go-to partner for the mid-market. We assist our clients through a monthly model in which we operate both user- and asset-driven. Our clients have all of their costs mapped out, and can perfectly estimate downsizing or upsizing.

  • Transparent pricing model
  • You only pay for what you need or consume
  • Always scalable

Our guiding principle: accelerate your growth with the right IT strategy and solutions. With a proven track record as an IT expert for high-growth companies, we know all the ins & outs.

This way, we’re able to align the IT structures of different companies.


The next step for Aminolabs

Aminolabs is a growing success story. They were looking for an IT partner that proactively supported and helped them throughout rapid growth and acquisitions.

Tyneso proved to be the perfect match!

Create a future-proof IT department

As management of a growth company, acquirer or investment company, you want affordable continuity for the IT part. Preferably with an innovative partner with tons of experience as an IT specialist for organisations in transition. Tyneso turns a complex tangle into a workable whole.

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Let IT become the driver of your growth. With Tyneso, your Saas partner.

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